15 Top Book Publicists in New York State

15 Top Book Publicists in New York State

By on Sep 18, 2017 in Publishing

book publicists in new york state

Yes, it takes that many people to keep the publishing industry going. You may be wondering just how many career options there are in the book world. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

Book publicists differ from literary agents in that they attempt to create a buzz for your book; whereas, agents are responsible for getting the right company to publish your book.

As a matter of fact, literary agents’ job falls in the pre-publishing phase and book publicists take over post-publication.

Networking is an important aspect of book publicity. It allows publicity specialists to reach out to divergent channels for promoting their clients’ works, be it broadcast media, online media or print. Publicists have to take up great responsibility to ensure the success of published books.

Here’s a list of top 15 top book publicists in New York State.


1. Lucinda Literary

With experience in both business and literary spheres, Lucinda Blumenfeld set up Lucinda Literary, an organization that provides marketing services and also represents authors. It was established in the year 2011 in New York City. Their marketing package takes care of events, ad campaigns, print and online publicity, blog outreach, social media etc. They have partnered with Nardi Media to provide broadcast media exposure too. Some authors who have previously employed their services are Douglas Kennedy, Chris Bailey and Susan Peirce Thompson. Chris Bailey’s book, The Productivity Project, went on to becoming an International Bestseller. You should note that Lucinda Literary takes on publicity and marketing clients mainly on a referral basis.


2. Sherri Rosen Publicity

Since 1999, Sherri Rosen Publicity has helped authors, educators and artists reach out to masses with their work. This agency signs clients who mainly dabble in topics related to spirituality, sex and relationships. Sherri Rosen, the founder of Sherri Rosen Publicity, had vast experience in the book business even before starting her own company. By working with them, you’d be able to reap the benefits of TV interviews, blog outreach, book club readings and publicity campaigns covering different platforms like YouTube, magazines and so on. Take a look at their projects to get an idea as to whether your manuscript fits the bill. Head over to their office in New York City after consulting them via phone or the form on their website.


book publicists in new york


3. Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

New York City also houses Jane Wesman’s PR firm known as Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc. It began running its course in the year 1980 and has boosted the reach of several fiction books, biographies, other nonfiction about parenting, culture, sports, cooking and more. Television and radio interviews, social media tactics, special events, Twitter, newspaper and blog campaigns are some of the publicity services you can get for your published book. Clients whose work has become bestsellers are Stephen R Covey, William Bennett, Faith Popcorn and Sandra Brown. If you’re interested in working with this organization, you can get in touch with them via email or phone. Here’s Jane Wesman’s LinkedIn profile for further information.


4. February Media

Do you have a mind-blowing thriller than needs a bigger audience? Or a story about a great cause that simply hasn’t been reviewed a lot? Then don’t worry. February Media has got you covered with its heavily branded media connections. USA Today, The Oprah Magazine, CNN, The Wall Street Journal are just some of the platforms accessible to their clients. Gretchen Crary established February Media in 2010. This firm is located in the Greater New York City Area. If you wish to reach out to them for publicising your fiction or nonfiction book, fill out the form on their website.


5. Ben Bruton Literary, LLC

Writers of commercial, debut, literary and general fiction can contact Ben Bruton Literary agency for availing PR services. Based in New York City, this agency was established in the year 2015 by publicist Ben Bruton. Ever since then Ben has worked with several famous authors like Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk, Margaret Atwood, Alice Hoffman, Jennifer Weiner, Robert MacNeil etc. With over 20 years of knowledge pertaining to the publishing industry, your creative work couldn’t be in better hands. Campaigns and media coverage are the kind of marketing that this agency offers. Check out the testimonials page and see what other clients have had to say about Ben’s professionalism and skills.


6. Annie Jennings PR

Authors from the Greater New York City area can count on Annie Jennings PR to have their books successfully marketed and reap the benefits of this golden social media age. The company was set up in 1993 by Annie Jennings. She is known for the Pay for Placement Publicity Program which provides clients with the ability to choose certain media channels. Her employees have years of experience with publicity via radio talk shows, TV shows, telephone and online media. If you wish to see your name on renowned platforms like Cosmopolitan, Fox News, Yahoo, Washington Post, then it’d be best to contact her at the earliest.


7. Susan Schwartzman Public Relations

Time, Good Morning America, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times are just some of the media channels accessible to clients of Susan Schwartzman Public Relations, a firm that was established in the year 1992. Susan Schwartzman’s book publicity campaigns have resulted in a few of them winning prestigious awards. Steven Raichlen, Clifford A. Wright and Joseph Finder are a few authors whose works have been merited with such tokens. Head over to their office in the Greater New York City area, once you’ve contacted them via the form on their website.


8. Lauren Cerand

Lauren Cerand, residing in Brooklyn, has been an independent publicist since 2002. She helps journalists, poets and storytellers. A few creators she has worked with in the past are Daniel Handler, Brian McGreevy and Min Jin Lee. Her expertise lies in social media and she develops campaigns that befit the client’s work. Her efforts have been praised by the Wall Street Journal and Swedish Daily Paper. Fiction and nonfiction writers can send her a message via her website so as to discuss the prospect of marketing their book.


9. Broadside PR

Great works like Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus, Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test and Zadie Smith’s White Teeth have benefitted from the publicity campaigns by Broadside PR. Many of the books promoted by Broadside have also won awards like the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award. It is an agency based in New York City and was co-founded by Michael Taeckens and Kimberly Burns in the year 2015. Michael is keen on working with memoirs, debut novels, essays; whereas, Kimberly has an inclination for narrative nonfiction, short stories and literary fiction and develops promotion campaigns for the same. Their media connections would enable the author to expand their respective readership substantially. These publicists are available for marketing consultation once you’ve reached out to them by email or phone.


10. Blankenship Public Relations

Michelle Blankenship of New York City set up her own PR firm in 2013 after having years of experience in the Publicity departments of Harlequin Publishing and Bloomsbury Publishing. She has connections at Animal Planet, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Vogue, Los Angeles Times and many other media platforms online as well as broadcast. Omar Musa, Marcia Dawkins, Katie Crouch and David Kishik are just a few names on her vast clients list. If you want a great chance at being featured, then contact Michelle with details about your requirements.


11. C.S. Lewis & Co. Publicists

Based in Woodstock, New York, C.S Lewis & Co. is a publicity firm founded by Cathy Lewis. The media campaigns crafted by her have helped authors get featured on the bestseller lists of New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This firm that started functioning in 1994 has a range of publicity services you could choose from. They’d create a media kit specifically for bloggers, television and radio producers, journalists, editors, organize media appearances for authors, churn reviews, establish contacts for the author in the publishing industry, write & pitch articles featuring the author’s work, produce content for various social media platforms etc. You could either call them or send an email to know find out about their charges.


12. Little Bird Publicity

Sarah Burningham established Little Bird Publicity, a company that works to fulfil the great potential of your book by broadening its reach. She was previously in charge of the marketing department of HarperCollins and as such, has gotten great experience at book publicity. It was 2009 when New York City saw the rise of Little Bird Publicity. Some of the talents who have benefitted from this firm are Isabella Rossellini, Ralph Nader, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and Neal Boortz. The campaigns are custom made for every fiction or nonfiction book, so as to increase its sales and form a long lasting impression on the minds of viewers. Contact Sarah by way of phone, email or LinkedIn and you can discuss what publicity tactics work best for your book.


13. Susannah Greenberg Public Relations

After signing with Susannah Greenberg, your book will practically be the talk of the town. Her PR firm has got connections on almost every media platform, whether it is radio, television, print or online and has a wide reach on social media sites like Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. Imagine having your book marketed on all of these channels! Press releases, interviews, book reviews, author tours, campaigns are some of the PR services that she is well versed in. The Susannah Greenberg Public Relations firm was founded in 1990 in the Greater New York City area. Robert Coles, Joan Wester Anderson, Stuart Hample, Les Beletsky are some of the bestseller authors associated with this firm. Contact them if you have high aspirations of becoming a famous writer.


14. Carol Hoenig

Having been a freelance publicist since 2001, Carol Hoenig works closely with authors of fiction and nonfiction books. Her company is called Carol Hoenig Publishing Consultant, Inc. She is based in New York and has a lot of experience in marketing books. She has been able to form connections with different channels to publicise her client’s work. If you’re wondering how your book would be marketed, here’s how. Review copies are sent out to media personnel from TV channels, radio stations, social media bloggers, magazines; interviews are organized, publicity campaigns that are apt for the book are created. Authors who have worked with her are Janice Flood Nichols, John Rhodes, Alan K. Austin and Mary E. Martin. Impressed by what you see? Quickly send out a message to Carol, with information about your book and what you envision for its publicity.


15. Sullivan + Partners

Sullivan + Partners is an organization that is beneficial to authors, consumers as well as publishers. They provide marketing, advertising and social media solutions for any book related requirements. Gregg Sullivan is the founder of this agency that was started in 2007 in New York City. Many bestselling authors of nonfiction and fiction have submitted their books for publicity. Some of the most popular authors who have signed with them are Patricia Cornwell, Charlaine Harris, Sylvia Day, Sabaa Tahir etc. The professionals at Sullivan + Partners work their magic through a large network of bloggers, media channels and social media enthusiasts. Their campaigns have helped more than 70% of their clients feature in the Top 100 bestsellers list on Amazon. If you wish to broaden your reach through their creative campaigns, reach out to them via their website.

There are thousands of books written about a specific subject. How does one capture your attention more than the other? More often than not, it is the manner in which the book is presented to you. The book publicist plays a great role in how popular a book gets, because they use not only creative strategies, but also smart business schemes to spread the word. So without further ado, contact a publicist who can help your published book become a grand success.

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