22 Top Book Publishing Companies in Florida

22 Top Book Publishing Companies in Florida

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book publishing companies in florida

We all know the pain of having unread, unedited words and pages in our laptops, diaries and notebooks.

As a writer, nothing hurts more than having a great book but not having it out there in the hands of the readers who shall appreciate it.

But writing a book is just half a battle, the war is getting it published and ready to make its mark in the literary world.

Florida is a diverse market of readers and authors, with every genre having an eager audience waiting for a new book.

Independent publishers are slowly coming up in Florida which has changed the game and its rules.

It may be difficult but not impossible to get your book to the right publisher in Florida who shall then make your dream come true.

We have come up with a detailed list of 22 top book publishing companies in Florida who can guide you on this complicated journey and make you the author you always wanted to be.

The difference between an aspiring and published author is the right publisher and we are here to help you find one.


1. Indigo River Publishing

Indigo River Publishing is a progressive publishing house that is trying to blend print and digital seamlessly. Having a vast repertoire of books in psychology, crime, thriller, self-help, entertainment, history,  lifestyle, kids and fiction, Indigo River encourages first time authors because it believes they also need the same attention and faith that previously published authors receive. Aspiring Pensacola based authors can send their manuscripts here.


2. TriMark Press

Barry Chesler founded TriMark Press in 2003 with the idea to provide independent and participatory publishing to professionals. The focal point is to help authors become experts in topics and write books on the same topics. The authors with TriMark Press are doctors, teachers, lawyers and consultants who have chosen to write books on topics close to their heart. Some of their famous authors include names like Robert Brown, Judy Siegel and Nicole S. Ofstein. While they have printed books on law, finance, relationships, children and fiction, they are also looking to help writers who wish to self-publish graphic novels. If you want to know more, visit this link for details.


top book publishers in florida


3. Legacy Book Publishing

A publishing house with a mission, Gabriel Vaughn launched Legacy Book Publishing in Winter Park with the hope of publishing books that inspires others and sets an example. The award winning company has strict criteria and standards which it expects new and previously published authors to meet if they want to work with Legacy. They have published books in almost all genres including but not limited to- fiction, history, children’s books, entertainment, nature, science, self-help, young adult and photography. Aspiring authors looking for a publisher should be prepared to fill an extensive form and submit their manuscripts over here.


4. Pineapple Press

It is a truly distinctive publishing company based in Florida which publishes books only about Florida. An agency with a very specific genre and understanding, June and David Cussen started Pineapple Press in 1982 to narrate the stories of Florida to the country. Encouraging local authors and promoting history was their goal which has now expanded to include lighthouses, children’s books and travel. Local scientists, professors and writers have all authored books with Pineapple Press. Authors need to remember that while they do not print fiction, if your story has a strong or relevant connection to Florida, they might consider your submission. You can find submission guidelines and contact details on this page.


5. Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

Terri Gerrell decided to open a publishing company to help her husband self-publish his book in 1998. Almost 20 years later, it is a known name in the local publishing industry printing hardcover, paperback and e-books. SYP tries to work with new writers and books that have a local point of view or a unique perspective set in a specific area. The Tallahassee located company has a mixed bag of fiction and non-fiction titles in history, nature, self-help, safety, bullying, fantasy and children’s books. Writers can find manuscript submission requirements and contact details over here.


6. Burrow Press

There are traditional publishers, hybrid publishers, vanity publishers and self-publishers and then there’s Burrow Press. A unique non-profit Independent Publisher, Burrow Press has a subscriber base that keeps it going and it publishes only 4 books annually. Started in 2010 in Orlando, this boutique agency is looking to foster talent in print, digital and has a reading series where they pair famous writers from around the world with a Central Florida writer. Fiction, non-fiction and poetry are some of the genres Burrow Press has previously published. It has won the Independent Publisher’s Award while being shortlisted for a couple more awards.  They are currently not accepting any submissions for print but submissions are open for e-books and their online journal about Florida. Details and guidelines can be found here.


7. The Peppertree Press

Launched in 2006, Peppertree Press is a boutique company based in Sarasota. Having published over 400 titles already, they cover all genres in fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, poetry and education. They also have a magazine called Pepper Tree Magazine that focuses on poetry, haiku and short stories. Aspiring authors and writers can read this detailed guide to understand submission procedure.


8. Atlantic Publishing Group

A 25 year old publishing firm in Ocala, this publisher encourages authors to also promote themselves when they write a book. They believe a book is the message you are sending to the world and it needs to market you as an authority. Non-fiction writers in the field of clergy, law, education, marketing, science, medicine and business can send their manuscripts for evaluation and have a chance at being published with a trusted firm.


9. Breezeway Books

The field of publishing is evolving and new writers do not need to wait for months to get a reply from a publisher. Authors can choose to publish their own work and be in complete creative control of their project. Breezeway Books is a self-publishing company in Florida. Editing, proofreading, designing, ghostwriting and printing are some of the services they offer. Fiction or non-fiction writers can submit their manuscript and get a free edit assessment helping them know where their project stands. You can also directly submit your book to this publisher.


10. Tiny Fox Press

A small publishing house based in North Port, Tiny Fox has a dedicated team of few members looking for interesting authors and stories that can connect with the audience. They have very specific criteria and only publish fiction as of now, so non-fiction writers need not apply. But if you are a writer of fantasy, science fiction, Young Adult, military, humor, Middle Grade and commercial fiction you can read about the guidelines here.


11. The Parliament House

Shayne Leighton founded The Parliament House with the sole purpose of promoting and publishing fantasy fiction in all its forms. They are looking for original content or a twist on classic fairy tales, unique characters and voices in the genres of paranormal, urban, contemporary fantasy fiction. The Parliament House involves writers in all its creative decisions and offers some of the highest royalties be it in print or digital. You can find submission guidelines and contact details here.


12. Little Curlew Press

An independent literary house launched by Roger Drouin with a commitment to promote environment and ecology, Little Curlew publishes books in print and digital. They donate a part of their profits to an organization that plants trees. Aspiring authors in environmental fiction, non-fiction, journalism or eco-themed books can submit their manuscripts for consideration on this email address.


13. Signalman Publishing

Understanding the shift of books from print to digital, Signalman Publishing is a publisher that prints non-fiction classic books on Kindle. Signalman prints both paperback and e-books with a focus on the digital medium. While they accept fiction and non-fiction, authors who are working on non-fiction, memoirs, biographies, Christian faith and fictional accounts based on true stories are currently what they are looking for. Submission guidelines and details can be found here.


14. Xulon Press

Formed in 2001, Xulon Press has helped nearly 15,000 authors publish their works. It is a self-publishing company based in Florida and publishes Christian books. Printing, editing, proofreading, marketing and social media marketing services are available with Xulon. For new writers and aspiring authors, read this step by step submission guide to learn more about requirements or you can visit this link to find out about editorial service packages.


15. Creation House

A publisher that boasts 40 years of success and work, Creation House is a co-publishing company that is a hybrid between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Promoting Christian faith and health and using books to encourage others to talk about faith, authors can fill out the contact form to enquire about submission details.


16. Rainbow Books

Founded in 1979 by Bill and Betty Wright, the first book they published was ‘Child-Snatched’ by Margaret Strickland based on her true story which got national acclaim. Murder mysteries, self-help, true stories, how-to books and parenting are their preferred genres. You can submit your manuscripts on this email address.


17. World Castle Publishing

Started in 2011, World Castle Publishing is a company working to bring the best of fiction to readers all across the world. They have a stellar line-up of fiction titles and new authors in the genre of young adult, mystery, thriller, fantasy, teen, action, horror and middle grade can consider approaching World Castle. Writers can find submission guidelines and contact details over here.


18. Barringer Publishing

A self-publishing company which believes in collaborating with the writer from step one, Barringer Publishing is located in Naples, Florida. Editing, reviews, proofreading, designing and marketing are the services provided by them. They have published nearly 100 titles so far and offer authors an attractive compensation. Fiction, non-fiction, legacy books (which essentially mean the story behind a brand or a company), memoirs and biographies are the genres authors can submit their work in. You can write to this email address to find out more about packages and manuscript requirements.


19. Richter Publishing

An award winning publishing house that works with non-fiction only, Richter Publishing is a name most Florida writers are familiar with. Tara Richter launched Richter Publishing to make sure business owners, marketers and professionals could publish their book and become an industry expert. You can reach out to Richter to help publish, edit and market your book and schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also fill out a contact form to learn more about packages and services.


20. Orlando Book Publishing

A self-publishing house that promises to have your book out in the market in 30 to 60 days, Orlando Book Publishing has published books across various genres like business, inspiration, faith, poetry and non-fiction. Writers need to fill a questionnaire so that you can start the process and figure what lies ahead. Editing, review, proofreading, marketing and designing are just some of the services one can expect while working with Orlando Book Publishing.

21. Frederick Fell Publishers

Established in 1943, Frederick Fell Publishers has published almost 850 titles and is a name to reckon with. The genres they have previously worked on include entertainment, lifestyle, fiction, history, faith and self-help. You can write to them here and learn more about submission guidelines.


22. Bella Books

The Tallahassee based publishing house prints fiction for and about lesbians. Having published nearly 550 titles already, Bella Books has won awards for its literary works and is interested in romance, fantasy, fiction, science fiction and thriller with a strong lesbian storyline. Authors can read submission details on this page.

So there you have it, a complete list of 21 top book publishing companies in Florida. Whether you want a big publisher, a local, a self-publisher or an independent publisher, there is one for every kind of author and writer out there.

The trick is to know what you want and find the right fit for you. It is about you and your book so don’t let them force you into anything. Do your research, use this list and go prepared with your questions.

A publisher is the one who will be with you all the way till the end and it’s their job to make you feel valued, not the other way round. A lot of new writers often feel unheard or disrespected because experienced publishers tend to dismiss their opinions. If that happens with you, then don’t be dismayed. Brush it off, take a stand and make your voice heard. There is no point compromising if it damages the integrity of your book and your personality.  Take a deep breath and focus and everything will fall in place.

Are you an author looking for an agent to represent you? Be sure to take a look at our list of 6 top literary agents in Florida.

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