21 Top Publishing Houses in Delhi

21 Top Publishing Houses in Delhi

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top publishing houses in delhi

Delhi is an economic and social hub which serves as a mecca for both bustling industry business and creative expression.

The arts are treasured throughout India, with the country being home to some of the century’s greatest poets, painters, writers and visionary thinkers.

Authors such as Gurcharan Das have brought epics such as the Mahabharata to the perspectives of the global information age. His masterpiece “The Difficulty of Being Good: The Subtle Art of Dharma” is a prime example of how today’s vision can expand the wisdom of the ages and is just one of the many masterful manuscripts to come out of India.

Here we’ll be taking you through 21 top publishing houses in Delhi, pointing out the very best prospective publishers for your great work.


1. Harper Collins Publishers India

Harper Collins Publishers India is a prime publisher of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, including biographies, current affairs, and books concerning self-help topics. They have been a leading global publisher for over two-hundred years, with their Indian publishing venture being formed twenty-five years ago. This esteemed publishing house has published numerous notable authors including Amitav Ghosh, Mahesh Rao, Isabel Allende, Anita Nair, Michael Crichton, and even the Dalai Lama, to name but a few. Great examples of their preferred publishing found can be found in the new releases “Diwali in Muzaffarnagar” by Tanui Solanki, and “Sacked – Folktales You Can Carry Around” by Deepa Agarwal. Unsolicited submissions in English are welcomed, although only hard copy manuscripts are eligible for review, with full details regarding their submission process available on the “Submission Guidelines” page.


top book publishers in delhi


2. Penguin Random House India

Penguin India was founded in 1985 and carries an expansive collection of publications across many subjects and genres. It is one of the biggest publishing houses in the English language, supplying fiction, non-fiction, prose, and poetry from some of the world’s most esteemed authors. To give you a good guide to their current preferred publishing style, one had need just look at any of the seven romantic thrillers from bestselling author Novoneel Chakraborty. His first novel trilogy “All Yours, Stranger” has consistently ranked among the top five thrillers available on Amazon India. Details of submission requirements can be found here, while proposals and submissions can be made via email.


3. Rupa Publications

Rupa Publications is based in New Delhi and is a publisher of fiction and non-fiction written in English. 2016 marked the eightieth-anniversary celebration of Rupa Publishing. Boasting a platinum partnership with Amazon and a 95% digital catalog, Rupa Publishing is a titan of Indian publications. Striving to publish the best Indian talent, you will find their collection spans everything from children’s books to economic discourses, memoirs and more. Some of India’s best storytellers are featured in their catalog, including Yugal Joshi, telling the historic tale of ten women warriors in his 2017 book “Women Warriors”. Their array of genres is so broad, that there is room for almost any submission. Only hard copy proposals will be considered, with their address and guidelines available on the submission page.


4. Anthem Press

Anthem Press is a massive publishing company which has offices in Delhi, London, and New York. Publishing over one-hundred titles each year, Anthem Press accepts book submissions and book series proposals. With a firm focus on international academic research, educational materials and reference manuscripts concerning new or emerging fields, Anthem press is open to a wide range of non-fiction topics. Recent releases include five new sociology series, including the legal discussion of fundamental theoretic and empirical issues entitled “Anthem law and Society Series” by Bryan S. Turner. This serves as a good example of the fine quality writing their authors exhibit. Their “Information for Authors Page” page gives full details of their publishing and proposal process, with style guidelines, marketing information and full contact details available.


5. Aleph Book Company

The Aleph Book Company is an independent publisher of English fiction and non-fiction. Established in 2011 by David Davidar in partnership with R.K. Mehra and Kapish Mehra, Aleph boasts some of the finest South Asian and Indian titles currently in print. There are roughly forty new titles published on an annual basis, with their genres spanning fiction, history, biographies & autobiographies, current events, travel, science, art, music, nature studies & conservation, business, philosophy, psychology and popular culture. A selection of uncategorized non-fiction is also published by Aleph. Only printed, posted submissions are considered for publication, with full details being available here.


6. Pan MacMillan India

As a part of the Macmillan Group, this publisher publishes under three imprints. Pan Macmillan India publishes fiction which displays a strong connection to India and the Indian subcontinent.  With the vast majority of fiction being eligible for publication, it should be noted that short stories, illustrated books, poetry, graphic novels, and textbooks are not published. A prime example of their preferred style is the international bestsellers by Ken Follet. Take a look at “World Without End”, “Fall of the Giants”, “Winter of the World”, and “Edge of Eternity” to make reference to their publishing preference. Full details regarding their submission process can be found here.


7. Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Srishti Publishers & Distributors are headquartered in New Delhi and are open to submissions of unsolicited fiction and non-fiction in English. No textbooks, scientific journals or technical books are accepted. In the course of the last eighteen years, Srishti has established themselves as a top publisher of new authors. Within their range of acclaimed writers is talent such as Preeti Shenoy, winner of the first place for Evergreen Fiction in 2014 with “Life is What You Make It”. Full manuscripts should not be submitted, rather sent a proposal to the editor via email, confirming details on the submission page found here.


8. PepperScript

PepperScript is a new-age publisher in Delhi who aims to become the best platform for young Indian writers. This rapid growing publisher attempts to launch as many new authors as possible, actively seeking submissions. Supplying not just publishing but expert guidance and support throughout the process of getting a manuscript to print, PepperScript carries a diverse collection and is always on the lookout for new talent. They not only accept fiction but poetry as well. For full details regarding their submission process, visit their “Submissions” page. Submissions in English and Hindi are eligible for publication.


9. Alchemy Publishers

Alchemy Publishers is a boutique book publishing house with coverage which spans self-help, philosophy, wildlife, a wide range of fiction, studies concerning women’s interests, travel and typically works from any category conveying intelligent, meaningful expression of current topics. Building on the lineage of renowned scholars and publishing veterans Mr. CK Mehra and MR. SK Mehra, sons of the founder of Rupa & Co., Alchemy Publishing actively seeks submissions. Guidance and support is provided throughout the publishing process. From discourses on the Epic of Gilgamesh, as is published by Dr. Shankar Kashyap of their editorial team, to humorous yet factual books such as “50 Things You Did Not Know About China”, Alchemy Publishes cater to a broad audience. Visit the “Become an Author!” page of this outstanding publisher for full details of their submission process.


10. Niyogi Books

Niyogi Books has been in establishment since 2004, holding a collection of over 350 books actively published. Genres covered include art, translations, historical fiction, food, self-help, photography, Indian heritage, and culture. Numerous awards have been bestowed upon Niyogi Books from the Federation of Indian Publishers. There is a reading corner available on the Niyogi Books website, which gives great examples of the style of writing that is preferred. Any manuscript which shows a strong connection to India is eligible for submission. Send two to three sample chapters to the editor via email. You will be notified within 90-days.


11. Roli Books

Roli Books has been in operation for over forty years and is a book publishing company which specializes in topics related to India. Their head office is situated in New Delhi and submissions are welcomed. Genres and styles covered include graphic novels, children’s books, and general fiction. Non-fiction spanning the categories of architecture, art, biographies, literature, cooking, design, fashion, history, lifestyle topics, performing arts, politics, photography, and travel are all eligible for publication.  Any subject that highlights Indian motifs is perfect for this publisher. Full details regarding their submission process is available here.


12. Hachette India

As a division of Hachette UK, Hachette India is part of a massive book publishing company. The publishing house is proud to exhibit many awards since beginning its local publishing programme in 2009. While general fiction, non-fiction, and translations are only open to submissions through a literary agent, Hatchette does, however, accept unsolicited direct submissions of children’s general fiction, non-fiction, and translations. A one-page proposal and three sample chapters can be submitted via email, with full details concerning the process and formatting being available on the “Publish With Us” page of Hatchette India.


13. Zubaan

Zubaan is an independent publisher of feminist fiction, academic books, memoirs, child’s books, young adult fiction, and non-fiction. Established in 2003 in New Delhi as an imprint of Kali for Women, India’s first feminist publisher, Zubaan has a focus on non-fiction topics. Conflict studies, human rights, gender justice, queer theory, popular history, memoirs, cultural studies & feminist genres are of particular interest. Among their new releases, you will find books such as Chandrakanta’s” The Saga of Satisar” and “Lady Driver – Stories of Women Behind the Wheel” by Jayawati Shrivastava. Entire manuscripts are not accepted, however, proposals along with a synopsis can be sent via the submissions page on Zubaan’s site.


14. Orient Paperbacks

Orient Paperbacks is an Indian publishing company founded in 1975. They accept submissions of both Hindi and English manuscripts. With headquarters in New Delhi as well as offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad, Orient is a large publisher accepting a range of genres. Subjects covered include fiction, health, self-help, puzzles and brain games, spirituality, religion, esoterica and humorous works. They do not publish textbooks, scientific discourses or any technical manuscripts whatsoever. Renowned authors from their illustrious line-up include Dr. S Radhakrishnan, Nelson Mandela, Robert Schuller and Greg Chappell, to name but a few. No email submissions are accepted, however, full details of the requirements and mailing address are available on the “Get Published” page of Orient Paperbacks.


15. Speaking Tiger

Speaking Tiger is a publisher of fiction, non-fiction and academic works in English. Actively open to submissions of unsolicited manuscripts, Speaking Tiger is based in New Delhi and has been in operation since September 2014. A great volume of their collection is comprised of books written by authors from South Asia, although submissions from any part of the world are welcomed. To get a better idea of their style, one can look at the fantastic recent release “Dancing with the Nation” by Ruth Vanita. Telling the tale one of the most famous foot fetish appearances connected to Bombay cinema courtesans, this 1971 story is spellbinding. To submit your work, send a synopsis and three sample chapters if fiction, or a comprehensive, detailed proposal stating chapter outlines if non-fiction to the editor.


16. Manohar Publishers & Distributors

Based in New Delhi, Manohar Publishers release forty to fifty new books each year. Focusing on India and South Asia, Manohar releases quality scholarly works covering social sciences. They are actively looking for monographs in the fields of sociology, strategic studies, art, archaeology, culture, politics, and religion. Manohar also publishes translations of Bhasha fiction into English. Notable authors from their host of talent include Dietmar Rothermund, Jos Gommans, and Hermann Kuike to name but a few. Proposals can be sent to the editor via mail with full details and the address on their “Publish With Us” page.


17. Fingerprint Publishing

Fingerprint Publishing is an imprint of Prakash Books India, established over sixty-five years ago. They are currently publishing books across 3,000 bookstores in India, while also having an active online presence on Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, iBooks, and Google Books. Both fiction and non-fiction titles with a connection to India are published. Great examples of their current published fiction are found in “3 and a Half Murders” by Salil Desai, and “The Boy from Pataliputra” by Rahul Mitra. A recent non-fiction publication marking their preference is “Holy Herbs” by Sudhir Ahluwalia. A full breakdown of their submission process can be found on their “Submissions” page.


18. Vitasta

Headquarter in New Delhi since 2004, Vitasta is a publishing house which addresses pressing global issues. They cover a diverse range of subjects, ranging from political non-fiction to new age fiction. As long as the manuscript pushes the boundaries of thought and social structures, it is eligible for publication. Their collection is truly diverse, spanning everything from inspirational biographies such as “Born to Fly” by Nitin Sathe, to controversial works such as The Glass Bead Curtain” digging into the issue of South India’s child marriage. A submission form is readily available on their site, supplying an extensive questionnaire to prelude your proposal.


19. Pratham Books

Pratham Books is a publisher of Indian fiction for children. If you have a manuscript which is original, carrying an Indian setting that is engaging to children, with a credible plot, fascinating characters, and subject diversity, with the potential to have illustrations added, then Pratham Books may be interested in publishing your work. The maximum word length is 3000, however, advice will be provided once a story draft has been sent to their editorial department via email.


20. New Delhi Publisher

New Delhi Publisher is a book publishing house which has achieved such success that their submissions are near-overwhelmed. They are one of the fastest growing publishers in India, with international and local distribution across India. Publishing both books and journals, New Delhi Publisher publishes works on subjects spanning agriculture, horticulture, botanical sciences, veterinary works, food science, dairy science & technology, seed sciences, biological research, microbiology, medicinal sciences, education, sociology, physical education, economics, applied science, educational works, business management, humanitarian discourses, nano-science, ergonomics and any non-fiction manuscript pertinent to current research and events. An open invitation to authors is extended via their submissions page, with a form-based questionnaire available to assess the viability of your submission.


21. Pirates

Pirates is a publishing house which has achieved a great deal of success. Since its founding, the Pirates in-house team has collaborated with celebrated authors such as Tushar Raheja and Solomon Northup. Operating out of Delhi, their publications are focused on storytelling. No hard copy submissions are allowed, with a synopsis and the first three chapters of your book to be sent to lab@pirates.ind.inlab@pirates.ind.in. Submissions are confirmed automatically, with a slight wait for the manual review. Full details are available on the Pirates “Become an Author” page.


Submitting Your Manuscript to a Delhi Book Publishing Company

Regardless of what you write, always be sure to compare your style and genre to that of your prospective publisher in Delhi. Once you have established the publishing companies which may express an interest in your work, it is a good idea to make a list to keep track of submissions. Order the list according to the estimated proposal approval time, starting with the quickest reply first. As you submit your proposal, sample chapters, synopsis, and bio, along with a covering letter, which clearly testifies your capability as a creative talent, add each submission to the list. If your work doesn’t match the style of a publisher, cross it off and then submit it to the next. With a bit of luck and possibly some comments from caring editors along the way, your manuscript will soon turn you into a published author.

Have you had a book published by one of the above publishing houses in Delhi? Please share your experiences in the comments box below!

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