4 Top English Writing Courses in Karachi

4 Top English Writing Courses in Karachi

By on Dec 7, 2017 in Writing & Editing

english writing courses in karachi

Are you a professional based in Karachi in a managerial role who wants to improve your English writing?

Maybe you’re an employee working for a company looking for training opportunities in English, so that you can take on more responsibilities.

Perhaps you’re a recent graduate who wants to enhance your writing, in order to be more marketable when applying for jobs.

A training course could be just what you need to improve your English writing skills and abilities.

Continue reading to learn about 4 top English Writing Courses in Karachi.


1. English Content Writing Course by National Institute of Skilled Training

If you’re looking to take a training program to improve your content writing, you’re in luck. The National Institute of Skilled Training (NIST) offers an English Content Writing Course whose objectives are to enable you to develop your creative writing abilities, to teach you how to create content for the web and how to incorporate Search Engine Optimization into your content, to provide instruction on how to write marketing materials and for social media, and provide guidance on how to write scripts. The duration of this course is 8 weeks. During this period, you would complete 48 credit hours of theory and practical work and then an internship lasting for 4 weeks in the UK. Assignments are set regularly and the programme consists of a final project. A Completion of Certificate would be given to you at the end of the course. The registration fee is Rs. 1500 and the course fee is Rs. 12000. In order to register, you can email info@nist.edu.pk or call 021-37130092.


2. A Minor in Rhetoric and Writing at Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship

If you’re an undergraduate student at the Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), you’ll have the opportunity to gain a minor in Rhetoric and Writing from the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Communications, in order to help you develop persuasive writing skills and increase your competency in technical and nonfiction writing. Three modules are on offer. One is Business English (Grammar), which aims to teach you and provide opportunity to practice developing and writing paragraphs that are coherent. Particular emphasis is placed on grammar, the use of words, punctuation, studying dictionaries, spelling and writing concisely. Another course is entitled Business English (English Composition), which aims to teach you how to analyse critically through a combination of reading and writing. Expect to develop your paraphrasing abilities, to learn how to develop concepts, to develop skills in writing about people, the public and discover how to clearly describe needs and problems. A third course is called Business Communication (Correspondence and Business Reports), which emphasises on communication skills needed in business settings. Take a look at this page to find out more about these three courses.


3. Effective Communication and Presentation Skills by 3D Educators

3D Educators offers an online Effective Communication and Presentation Skills course, which places emphasis on communication in the workplace that spans across different cultures. With regards to developing your English writing skills, expect to do so in the context of writing effective business letters, memos, emails, publications and stories, and through learning how to get the message across that you want to, to readers. The main instructor for this course is Mr Zafar Dar, and it is suitable for individuals holding roles such as lower staff, assistant managers, staff managers, managers, administrators, new graduates, technical staff and supervisors. The duration of this course is 40 hours, with a class taking pace once a week and lasting 2 hours. You can download the course content here and contact 3D Regulators using the form at this page to find out when the next Effective Communications and Presentation Skills will be taking place.


4. Business English Program by Pakistan Institute of Management

The Business English Program by the Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) is a Diploma course that has been designed to arm you with not only English writing skills, but English speaking skills as well. The aims of the program are to enable you to effectively communicate in English based upon your individual needs, circumstances and professional role, to teach you the key elements of English grammar and how to use these, to develop skills in effective memo, letter and report writing, and to prepare and give persuasive presentations. The program runs for three months, with classes taking place twice a week in the evenings, between 6 pm – 9 pm. The course is run by Ruqaiya Siddiqui, an expert in business communications and general management. To find out when the next Business English Program is due to start, send an email to diplomakhi@pim.com.pk.

Do you run an organization that offers an English writing course in Karachi? Please introduce yourself in the comments box below and tell us about the training you offer!

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